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COVID-19 Update

By April 11, 2020May 29th, 2020No Comments

We wanted to take a second and update you on our most popular companies’ COVID-19 policies as well as our agency itself. We appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten and our awesome customers! We are all working hard to make sure that your experience with our agency is the same great customer service you’ve known all these years. We hope that each and every one of you is doing well during this time, and ask that you please contact us if we can help in any way.

Our office is open Monday through Friday as usual and we are still accepting payments in our drop box, in the office, and by phone. Several of our team members are working remotely, so if you call the office and do not immediately get an answer, please leave a voicemail and we will call you back as soon as possible. We are also accepting messages via Facebook and by email. You can find our email addresses under “Meet Our Team” right here on our website.

Office Update: 5/29/20 Our staff in it’s entirety is back in the office this week answering phones, taking payments, and doing quotes. While it is business as usual around here, we stress that you do not come to the office if you are showing any signs of illness or have been around anyone who is ill. We are striving to keep our staff and customers healthy. We are accepting walk-ins as usual during normal hours from 9-6. We invite our customers to wear a mask or gloves inside our office if you prefer, you are also able to request one of our team members is wearing a mask when you visit. If you are at risk, elderly or immunocompromised, you are welcome to call ahead and set an appointment from 8-9 AM. We have hand sanitizer available. We are also available to take payments, make changes, and gather quote information via phone, our social media pages, or live chat right here on our website.

We realize that our customers have questions. We are attempting to gather as much information as possible from each of our companies and answering as many questions as possible. For each of our companies, they each have their own policies in place for billing extensions and policy credits. Please contact our office for individual advice, however, here are some tidbits from some of our most popular companies:

Erie Insurance is offering a 5% rate reduction at renewal. While you won’t see a refund or credit right away, later this year or next year when your policy renews, your overall premium will go down. They will be addressing each customer’s billing on a case by case basis but will be holding off on cancellations. As of 04/21/2020, Erie has announced a 30% refund on two month’s premium as well. The checks will be sent to insureds in May.

Progressive is offering a refund of 20% of the April’s premium in May and 20% of May’s premium in June. They will be applied directly to the policy. There will be a $10 minimum credit. They will be waiving late fees and holding off on cancellations through May.

Grange is offering a credit of 25% for the months of April and May. They are offering a grace period for payments and suspending cancellations during this time.

Safeco is giving a 15% credit for two months of annual premium. They will be offered by check or via the most recent method of payment (for example, deposit into a checking account or credit to a card). Late fees and cancellations are suspended through May 22, 2020.

Metlife will be giving a 15% credit for the months of April and May on the follow month’s bills. If the customer has paid in full, they will receive a check. They have been requesting each customer contact individually for billing accommodations. They are waving late fees upon request.

Travelers will wave late fees, hold off on cancellations, and issue a refund of 15% of April and May’s premiums. April’s credit will be applied by mid-June, and May’s credit will be applied by mid-July. If the policy is paid in full, a refund will be issued to the credit card or account used to pay. Update May 29, 2020: Travelers will be extending their 15% Stay at Home credit for the month of June.

Stay safe, keep your hands washed, and see you all again soon!

– Melissa, Office Manager