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Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider serving Cincinnati and Ohio

By July 5, 2018January 23rd, 2019No Comments

You may have seen around our website mentions that we are a “Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider.” You might be wondering what this is all about. Dave Ramsey is a financial guru, radio speaker and author. If you’ve heard Dave Ramsey’s radio show, you’re no stranger to the Endorsed Local Provider program or Dave’s Financial Peace University program.

He tells his listeners to become debt free, using his specially designed baby steps and programs to get out of debt and live like nobody else so later you can live like no one else.

BIG Agency’s owner and principal agent, Brett Buechner, was chosen by Dave’s team to join the ELP program. Brett is the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for Property & Casualty Insurance serving Milford, Cincinnati and surrounding areas in Ohio.

Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) are local professionals in your city that Dave and his team have handpicked to serve Dave fans. Each and every ELP goes through a careful interview process to make sure they:

  • Deliver the same excellent advice as Dave does
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Have the “heart of a teacher”


Dave’s team interviews every single ELP. On top of that, every person who uses an ELP can submit feedback and rate their experience. This user-rated system ensures Dave’s fans partner with true professionals.

While ELPs do pay a fee to cover website maintenance and employment costs, Dave’s endorsement is not bought—it’s earned.

If you have been through Financial Peace University you know that Dave Ramsey only endorses independent insurance agents. As an independent insurance agent, Brett is able to shop your insurance among several companies in order to find the company, coverage and pricing that best fits your needs as a customer. He is truly working for you, not one single insurance company.

One of the other important points Dave addresses in Financial Peace is the importance of having a “guaranteed replacement cost” policy for your home insurance. Very few companies still offer this type of policy and most of the insurance companies you are familiar with do not offer this type anymore. However, Brett is able to offer a guaranteed replacement cost policy to his customers.

From the moment you contact Brett, you will receive expert advice from an insurance agent with the “heart of a teacher.” It is his goal that his customers be so thrilled with his service that they consistently refer him to their friends and family.

The ELP Program is designed to help customers make money and save money. A shocking number of people overpay for car and home insurance without realizing it. An independent insurance professional works for you, not an insurance company. They are not limited to a single insurance company’s plans like a captive agent. Independent agents can search dozens of policy options from many reputable companies. And best of all, it’s absolutely free to use an independent insurance professional!

If you’re interested in contacting Brett about a quote or any questions you have, you can reach our office at 513-831-4544.