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What Do I Need to Tell The Agent Quoting Me?

By December 20, 2016January 23rd, 2019No Comments

When you call the BIG Agency office for new quotes, we ask a lot of questions. You may wonder, “Why do they ask so many things? Does it really matter what my highest level of education is?” and we are here to answer your concerns! Here is a short explanation of the what, and the why, and some suggestions of very important things you might want to let us know during the call that we don’t already ask!

Highest Level of Education

This is a big one that we get asked about fairly often. We ask this question during auto quotes because some companies actually give you a discount for having a college degree! While they don’t penalize high school grads, (or even those who haven’t graduated high school) they do offer a discount to high achievers! All those stressful late nights pouring over a textbook before I final is kind of worth it now, isn’t it?


Another question people wonder about often is why we ask what you do for a living. We ask this one for several reasons. The first reason is, you could get a discount! Just like with education, they don’t penalize you, but they definitely give you a discount if you work in certain fields! (Which occupations get better discounts varies from one company to another, so be sure to let us know!) Secondly, we ask in case you are a delivery driver for pizza or drive for Uber. It’s very important to let us know if you work in these fields so we make sure to get you the best policy for you. Most companies will not cover you (even if you’re not on the job) if you’re an Uber driver, but some have great rates and even cover you during Uber’s intial period where you’re logged into the app but don’t have a ride yet. Third, we ask to get a better idea of your needs, and possibly offer a commercial policy for even more discounts!


While we do not discriminate against furry, long tailed, and scaled family members, (We love them all equally!) some companies do ask on the applications if you have certain breeds of dogs or types of animals. We want to make sure we send you an accurate quote up front so we ask just to make sure you’ll fit with the particular company that works out the best for you!

Do you own or rent?

Sometimes you’re just looking for an auto quote, but right off the bat I’m asking if you own your home or rent. Believe it or not, here’s another chance for a discount! If you’re a homeowner, you could qualify for discounts with certain companies! (Even if you don’t bundle your policies!)

Now that we’ve covered the big ones, let’s talk about what we don’t ask. It’s always a good idea to let us know your entire picture so we can get you the best coverage.

Young Future Drivers (Who don’t have their license… yet!)

Do you have a 14, 15, or 16 year old who’s living in your household (or with another parent) who could possibly be getting their license very soon? Even if they haven’t even named their temps, it’s a good idea to let us know that it is coming. We can figure out which company will work out the best for you in the future, not just today! It’s no fun to get a brand new, shiny, insurance policy (that saved you tons!) and then need to switch 4-6 months later because of a new driver’s rate increase. We always quote our companies when we add on a new driver, but we may be able to find you something now that will be a great fit now AND later!

Significant Others

We definitely ask if you have any other drivers in your household, but sometimes, you don’t consider a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend as part of your policy because they have their own. Did you know it may be cheaper to combine your policies? Also, your boyfriend or girlfriend may not be covered if they drive your vehicle because you live in the same household.

Businesses in your Home

We ask what you do for a living, but sometimes, we understand you have a side-gig. It’s a good idea to let us know about everything you do, just in case you need an extra rider (or endorsement) on your homeowners policy to cover business endeavors.

If You Don’t Own Your Car

Is your car owned by your parents or your child? Not registered to you? Some companies are not okay with insuring vehicles in these scenarios, so it’s always a good idea to let us know if Grandpa gifted your son his first car but it’s not in your name yet. We would hate for something to happen and there not be any coverage!

Renovations or For Sale?

Is your home undergoing renovations? Are you finally getting that awesome garden tub you’ve been longing for? Finally finishing your basement? Is it currently for sale? Don’t let your policy be a flip or a flop! These are helpful things to let us know so we can get you a more accurate quote. The dwelling coverage could be affected by renovations or it could cause coverage issues if your home is for sale. Every company is different, and because we work with so many, we need to make sure we find the best fit for you.

Going to Florida for the winter?

Can you take us with you? We’re totally kidding! We need to make sure your home is covered correctly if it’s vacant or rented for part of the year. This will make a difference on the way the policy is written. We can also lower your auto coverage for the winter time if you’re leaving your vehicle in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana and heading south for the winter. Send us a postcard, will you?