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The number one question we get asked is – what do you do? Are you like a broker? and we want to help show you what we do here at BIG!

As an independent agency, we work with several different companies to get you the very best rate for your insurance. We do not work with every company out there, we only work with the very best! We work hard to screen the companies we work with and we’ll get rid of one if they’re not up to our standards!

Currently we have ten companies that we work with. When you call in to get a quote, we ask all the questions we need to quote you with all of the companies you’ll qualify for and be sure you get all of the discounts you’re eligible to receive.

Once we gather your information, we run it through all of our systems and search for the very best package, with the very best rate, for your unique situation. We’ll then send you an email with the best quote attached and give you a call to discuss it in more detail.

Each company we work with is unique in the package that is offered. Some have certain coverages, some have certain discounts, and while we may insure yourself and your neighbor – you may receive quotes from two totally different companies! There are many factors that weigh into the rating process, like the style of home, zip code, your credit score, the year make and model of your vehicles, how many drivers you have and their ages and so much more! This is the benefit to the independent agent – we can tailor the quotes to fit your lifestyle.

If you’re used to having a captive agent, like State Farm or Allstate, we are very similar – except we have more than one company to choose from! If you need to file a claim, make a change, get an answer to your question, or make a payment, we are still your main contact. You can absolutely call your company’s call center, however, we want you to call us first. You never know if the person in a call center has been there two weeks or two years, but we know you and your situation, so we are best suited to help.

When you come on board with the BIG Agency, we are paid commission by our companies. The quoting process costs absolutely nothing to you. We have no service fees, no charges, no subscription fees. We don’t charge a fee to use a credit card.

Our communication style is very flexible. Not only do we take phone calls and walk ins, but we are able to text, email, and receive messages over Facebook and our website. We have some customers who keep “non-traditional” hours so we check our voicemails and emails after hours and on the weekends so we can respond as soon as you need it.

We currently sell nearly all forms of Personal and Commercial Insurance except health. Here is a short list of some of our more popular products:

  • Personal Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Umbrella
  • Commercial Auto and Business Owners
  • Classic/Collector Cars
  • ATV, Motorcycle, and Side – by – Sides
  • Motor Home, Travel Trailer, and RV
  • Life

We are right here in your neighborhood to find you the best policy, at the best price, to fit your needs. With over 20 years of expertise, we are well suited to finding solutions for complicated insurance situations. Please let us know how we can help!